We Are Accepting Only 7 NEW
Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program
Members (By Referral Only) in 2017

I have no aspirations to have our business serve thousands of clients. Unlike companies you see today in financial services like Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, LPL, Ameriprise, and Edward Jones who have large “transaction based” businesses for thousands of customers, I have meticulously structured our business to experience an intimate relationship and provide an extremely high level of value and benefits – for a very small number of members.

As you can imagine, providing that personal, specialized, ‘first class’ attention takes time. Because of my desire to preserve and maintain this intimate level of service, continue the frequency of my one-on-one meetings with our Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program™ Members, and continue to host and bring in quality speakers at our Relaxing Retirement Events, we will accept only 7 qualified new Relaxing Retirement Members in 2017.

Additionally, given our continuously dwindling self-imposed capacity (in order to maintain the environment that works best for you and us), and the enormous sense of satisfaction we get from helping friends and family members, we only accept qualified new members who have been personally introduced to us by a trusted Relaxing Retirement member.

If you qualify, we look forward to providing the ‘Missing Structure’ you need to make a seamless and relaxing transition to your retirement years so you can confidently do everything you want to do.

Committed To Your Relaxing Retirement,

Jack Phelps
The Retirement Coach