Jack Phelps, founder of The Relaxing Retirement Coach, provides a very simple method to understand international investing

Wellesley, MA – June 4, 2015 – Jack Phelps, founder of The Relaxing Retirement Coach, a Retirement Coaching company, recently published an article on his website (http://www.theretirementcoach.com) exposing common misconceptions about international investing and how you can understand the critical topic more easily.

In his article titled “International Investing”, Jack Phelps writes, “There is a lot of confusion over the issue of international (or global) investing so I’d like to clarify a few misconceptions so you can be a more educated investor in your retirement years.”
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The entire article can be found at http://www.theretirementcoach.com/articles/international-or-global-investing-3.php

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About Jack Phelps

Prior to developing The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program™ back in 1994, Jack spent five years as a registered representative with Prudential Financial Services. In 1989, Jack graduated from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Economics.