The Relaxing Retirement
Coaching Program

Over the last 28 years of intense study and hands-on work with hundreds of individuals and couples, what I have witnessed is that when you’ve reached The Employment Dependency Threshold, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve accumulated.

The concept of no longer receiving income from the work you do to support your lifestyle is always foreign and unsettling!

Don’t you find that to be true? Deep down, you’re just not 100% convinced that you have enough, and you fear that you could run out of money some day, especially in these volatile times we’re living through. So, you end up working longer than you “need” to because you feel you have to.

Or, you end up “pulling your punches” and spending much more cautiously than you want to.

The end result is that you’re not enjoying life as much as you could and as much as you deserve to. There’s a lot that you’re missing out on.

To conquer this feeling and live your life the way you have always pictured requires a completely different mindset, and an abundance of financial confidence. And, that’s what The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program was created to help you develop and maintain.

We take great pleasure in seeing “the light bulb” go on in our Relaxing Retirement Members’ minds when they “flip the switch” and liberate the money they have worked so hard their entire lives to save. When they get rid of the fear that has held them back from living the life they’ve always dreamed of, and doing the things they’ve always wanted to do.

To see their confidence level become immune to the “crisis du jour” splattered all over the news, and the confusion of the financial services industry, choose to work if they want to, spend more quality time with their families without being “pre-occupied”, and take vacations to places they never thought they could experience is truly a ‘rush’ for us.

This didn’t happen for them by accident. Each Relaxing Retirement Member has their own custom tailored Retirement Blueprint which takes into account all of their priorities in every aspect of their lives, not just their investments.

Blueprint First…Implementation Second

Think about the task of building a house from the ground up. You can’t begin the process by discussing what type of kitchen countertop you want, or what color carpeting you want in your master bedroom.

You have to take a big step back first and carefully think and prioritize where you’d like the house to be, what kind of layout you want, where will you spend most of your time, how many bedrooms you need, how much closet and storage space you need, etc.

And, of course, how much money you are willing to spend on your house.

In short, you have to design a blueprint first.

The same is true for your finances at this unique stage in your life. Before you can contemplate how to strategically position your investments, you must determine your answer to two very important questions:

  1. What real long term investment rate of return do you need to earn on your Retirement Bucket in order to remain full for the remainder of your life while generating the lifestyle sustaining income you need each year?

Can you get the job done earning 1.25% less than inflation or do you need to earn 2.35% more than inflation? Do you need to hit home runs with your investments, or can you get by with hitting a bunch of singles?

Without your calculated answer to these questions, you can’t begin to make rational, long term investment decisions because you have no clearly defined investment goal with which to make an evaluation.

However, in order to arrive at an accurate answer to that first question, you must calculate and know your answer to another question:

2. What is your level of Retirement Bucket Dependence™? In other words, over and above income you may receive from social security, pensions, and rental property, how dependent are you each year on your Retirement Bucket?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, it is impossible to determine the real long term investment rate of return you need to earn on your Retirement Bucket.

And, you will have unnecessary anxiety and you will “pull your punches” by restricting your spending for the rest of your life because you don’t know if you have enough built up in your Retirement Bucket™. Or, you will continue to work because you think you “have” to, when in fact you may not “have” to.

In order to help our members confidently answer these questions and make educated decisions, we design their Retirement Blueprint.

The Retirement Blueprint
Development Program

In The Retirement Blueprint Development Program, we use a seven-step process to meticulously create your custom designed Retirement Blueprint. Utilizing all of the relevant personal information you provide in The Retirement Confidence Preparation System™, your Retirement Blueprint answers questions like:

  • How much can we afford to spend without running out of money?
  • What real rate of return does our Retirement Bucket of investments need to earn in order to keep pace with inflation?
  • How do we position and allocate our Retirement Bucket to give us the best opportunity to earn the rate of return we need while experiencing acceptable levels of volatility?
  • Where will our income come from? Which accounts should we draw from first?
  • How can we reduce or eliminate our income taxes?
  • Can we afford to buy a vacation home down South or out West to avoid these harsh New England winters?
  • What is the most cost effective way to protect ourselves and manage all of the risks we face, like a long-term illness, property loss, or a lawsuit?
  • What steps should I take to make sure that my spouse will be OK if I’m not here?
  • How can we make sure that everything we’ve worked so hard for all of our lives goes to who we want without the massive delays and cost of probate fees and estate taxes?

Once created, your Retirement Blueprint becomes the foundation for all current and future financial decisions so that you’re not just randomly making impulsive decisions.

You will receive a step-by-step Action Plan with a list of specific recommendations for you to implement in order to reach all of your goals that you’ve prioritized during our meetings.

The Retirement Blueprint
Management Program

Given the enormity of what is at stake, one of the challenges many individuals face during their “Retirement Stage” of life is having the interest, the time, the experience, the expertise, and, most importantly, the discipline to manage your own investments, while remaining confident that you’re not making a costly mistake or missing out on profitable opportunities.

Once your Retirement Blueprint has been developed and reviewed with you, our members enter The Retirement Blueprint Management Program in order to implement each item in your Action Plan and custom-designed Retirement Bucket Strategy, track progress, and adhere to a disciplined strategy in the face of volatile and ever-changing markets.

The Relaxing Retirement Coach is a completely independent registered investment advisory firm (with no ties to any investment company) who adheres to the Fiduciary Standard.  We use diversified, cost effective investments for our members with disciplined strategies designed to capture market returns within their respective investment asset class.

Several times a year, during pre-scheduled, one-on-one Retirement Coaching Meetings (either at our office or on the telephone), your goals and priorities are revisited, performance (in relation to those goals) is objectively evaluated, and adjustments are made, if necessary.

During these meetings, we review your allocation and progress with an “easy to read” consolidated summary of your Retirement Bucket™ holdings.

In addition to receiving recommendations to maintain disciplined diversification in spite of volatile and ever-changing markets, you are always provided with a perspective on market and economic activity and how it impacts your Retirement Bucket Strategy™.

This provides a “no sales – pressure free” environment for each of our Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program Members so you can go about doing what you want to do without being “pre-occupied” that you’re “missing something” that you should be doing. You know that we will be meeting again soon to review a complete snapshot of where you were, where you are now, and what changes are needed (if any).

This helps you maintain your confidence by insuring that you remain on the right track despite any changes which otherwise may have taken you off course.

In short, The Retirement Bucket Management Program provides you with a continuous support system for the rest of your life.

While it is not legal to guarantee you a certain investment rate of return, and no advisor can do that, we do guarantee our performance as your Retirement Coach.

We provide all of our Members with The Relaxing Retirement Coach Guarantee.

The Relaxing Retirement Coach Guarantee

At any time during the first 12 months of working with us, if you don’t feel our relationship is working, for any reason at all, we will refund 100% of everything you’ve paid us.

This motivates me to only accept members who are serious about their future, who want to establish a long-term relationship with us and our program, and with whom I feel there is a fit.

In short, this is not a program that caters to the masses with a ‘cookie-cutter’, one-size fits all approach that is so common at large institutions.

This is a personalized, one-on-one retirement coaching relationship with constant attention to each and every detail necessary for you to consistently enjoy a relaxing retirement experience.