The Relaxing Retirement
Coaching Program

If you have reached, or you are rapidly approaching, the retirement stage in your life where your Retirement Bucket of Investments must now support you, and you find yourself asking yourself any of these questions, we invite you to request and read a copy of The Relaxing Retirement Program Overview and Frequently Asked Questions & Answers in the top right-hand corner of this page right now.

  1. Do we have enough built up in our Retirement Bucket of investments to support our desired lifestyle for the rest of our lives? (since there is no guaranteed monthly pension covering all of our expenses)
  2. How much can we afford to spend without running out of money? Are we spending too much? Could we spend more?
  3. What real rate of return does our Retirement Bucket of investments need to earn in order to keep pace with inflation?
  4. How do we position and allocate our Retirement Bucket to give us the best opportunity to earn that real rate of return we need to earn, and still provide us with the cash flow we need to sustain our lifestyle in a rising cost world?
  5. Where will our cash flow come from? Which accounts should we strategically draw from to reduce or eliminate our income taxes?
  6. Can we afford to buy a vacation home down South or out West to avoid these harsh New England winters?
  7. What is the most cost-effective way to protect ourselves and manage all of the risks we face, like a long-term illness, property loss, or a lawsuit?
  8. What steps should we take to make sure that my spouse will be taken care of if I’m not here?
  9. How can we make sure that everything we’ve worked so hard for all of our lives goes to who we want without the massive delays and cost of probate fees and estate taxes?