Reported Mutual Fund Returns Are Not Received by Retirees!


Dalbar, Inc. Study Reveals Investors Earned 77% Less Than Market Averages Each Year Over The Last 20 Years!

Free “Live” Retirement Coaching Clinic For 12 Couples ONLY Reveals 10 Reasons Why, and Provides Specific Steps You Must Take To Potentially Close This Gap For Yourself So That You Can Protect Your Spending Needs From Inflation During Your Retirement Years

When: Tuesday, November 2nd

Time: 6:30 p.m. sharp

Where: The Newton Marriott (located at the junction of Route 30 and Route 128)

This will be the only Free Retirement Coaching Clinic I’ll provide on this topic. And, in order to provide the most value for each attendee, I strictly limit the number of attendees to 12. Once we reach 12, we will stop accepting reservations.

My Retirement Coaching Clinic GUARANTEE!

The strategies I’ll be revealing will benefit couples between the age of 60 and 65 who have $1 million or more in retirement assets. If you meet this requirement, after attending, you must agree that you discovered one idea that you haven’t implemented yet that can potentially add at least $10,000 to your bottom line. Otherwise, you will receive a $100.00 gift certificate to The Capital Grille, Legal Seafood, or Blue Ginger Restaurant.

What You Will Discover By Attending

After letting the statistics revealed in the Dalbar, Inc. report sink in, there are two (2) questions that you can’t help but ask yourself:

1. Why did the average retiree earn 77% less than market averages each year over the last 20 years?

2. What can I do to make sure that I’m not part of that scary statistic so that I can protect my spending needs from inflation during my retirement years?

During this Retirement Coaching Clinic, both questions will be answered in great detail. I will reveal 10 Stunning Reasons that I’ve personally witnessed why the average retiree earned 77% less than market averages, each of which you have the ability to avoid.

However even more importantly, I will also reveal what specific steps you need to take to potentially avoid being another statistic so that you can maintain your exact same lifestyle throughout your retirement years.

To Register for This Retirement Coaching Clinic, Simply Fill In The Information Below. A written confirmation, along with directions to join us will be sent to you shortly. If We Have Reached 12, You Will Be Notified Immediately and Placed On The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Clinic Waiting List.

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You Can Benefit From This Retirement Coaching Clinic if:

  • You’re between the age of 60 and 65
  • You’re married
  • You have $1 million or more in retirement assets
  • Your monthly pension is not/will not be large enough to cover your rising living costs in retirement (due to inflation) and you will need income from your investments
  • You’re not 100% confident that you’re doing everything you could be doing to protect your lifestyle income

What This Retirement Coaching Clinic is NOT!

1. This is NOT a disguise to try to sell you annuities or insurance. We do not sell nor will we be discussing ANY financial products.

2. This is NOT a big, cold seminar with hundreds of attendees like a rally. You will be one of only 12 couples who will be attending. I’ve designed this to provide the highest value for those who attend, and a more intimate environment is the best way to do that.

I WILL Protect Your Privacy!

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