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The Relaxing

Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Featuring Christine Ansbacher,

The Wine Diva!

Friday, June 17th

4:00 p.m.

“Newly Renovated” Newton Marriott

Q. Who is Christine Ansbacher, The Wine Diva?

A. The following instructions jumpstarted Christine’s interest in wine: Don’t spend more than $50,000 on wines for my dinner party!”

At the time, she worked for a member of the Vanderbilt family who was a prominent philanthropist and social figure in New York society. This man collected art, wine and books in the manner of a Renaissance prince.

Christine’s interest in wine grew when he asked her to build and stock a wine cellar with fine and rare wines that grew to 30,000 bottles over three years. During that time, learning about wine became a passion, and she decided to make it her profession.

Today, Christine is a wine expert with two world-class wine certifications. All this technical expertise could mean that she now speaks “vino babble” delighting in explaining how the soil and climate influence the taste of a wine.

However, that’s not her style. Instead, she focuses on sharing practical tips that save regular wine drinkers time, money and aggravation.

Q. Why did you choose Christine to host this wine tasting?

A. As we all know, many wine tastings are somewhat stuffy!  We wanted a very different experience for you.

Christine was dubbed “The Wine Diva” at a wine tasting dinner held at the Metropolitan Opera in New York because she’s not just a wine educator, but a wine entertainer who instructs with a healthy dose of theatrics, quips, quotes and jokes.

She agrees with Benjamin Franklin who once said, “Wine should be a laugh, not a lecture.”

Christine’s wine expertise is something that we can all relate to, enjoy, and benefit from on our never ending quest for a more relaxing and fulfilling retirement.

Q. Can we invite a guest to introduce to you?

A. Yes. We received many requests from members in the Fall to bring a friend on our cruise aboard The Odyssey.  Unfortunately, we had very definitive space limitations which are now not an issue for this event in the Grand Ballroom at the recently renovated Newton Marriott.

If you have a friend who you’ve thought about introducing to us who you believe would enjoy the show, please invite them.

Simply provide us with their name, address, and email address so that we may confirm with them.

Q. Will there be food served?

A. Absolutely.  There will be a vast selection of hors d’oeuvres and display stations served throughout the cocktail hour and the entire wine tasting show.  This will be followed by a wide assortment of irresistible desserts.

Q. What is the recommended attire?

A. While there is no dress requirement, cocktail party attire is suggested.  Ultimately, we want you to relax and enjoy yourself, so please dress comfortably.

Please RSVP by Friday, June 3rd