MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon

Good Morning Relaxing Retirement Subscriber,

Many of our Relaxing Retirement members do a significant amount of traveling.

In the last two years alone, we know of members traveling to all seven continents. We even have pictures to prove it!

You have all reached the point in your life where you’ve earned the right to “own” your schedule (instead of your schedule owning you like the overwhelming majority of Americans).

What a great position to be in!

However, from all of my intimate conversations with all of you, I also know that some of our members choose not to travel.

For very legitimate reasons, they’re either not comfortable being far away from their doctor and the medical care that they’ve become accustomed to and come to rely on.

Or, they’re justifiably uncomfortable with the political unrest in different parts of the world.

Given the medical issues many of you have endured, I don’t blame you.

What would happen if you needed immediate care in the middle of a trip to Italy?

A Solution

A few years back, long term members and good friends, Jack and Estelle Hayman introduced us to a service called MedjetAssist, and I’d like to call you attention to it again.

Before I explain what it is, I must disclose that I am not being paid to sell or endorse this service, nor have I personally used it.

However, my research and multiple member recommendations leads me to share it with you as I believe it’s an incredible solution that has gotten even better over the years.


MedjetAssist is a domestic and global air medical transport membership program in the United States.  

For a manageable annual fee, MedjetAssist provides Worldwide Air Medical Transport services.

When a member becomes hospitalized as an inpatient due to an illness or injury while they are away from home, either within or outside the contiguous United States, MedjetAssist will arrange air medical transport services to the hospital of the member’s choice in their home country by a MedjetAssist authorized affiliate.

The key is they get you to your home hospital of choice.

They also provide medical referrals, medical monitoring and consultation, telephone interpretation if you’re in a foreign speaking country, emergency message relay, and legal referrals.


Through MedjetHorizon, they have also added additional travel planning and alert benefits to help you plan and organize your trips abroad with confidence and security using personalized travel advisories and access research to over 260 countries, cities, and destinations.

I strongly recommend that you visit and study their website:

I hope this is a great solution for you!

Committed to Your Relaxing Retirement,

Jack Phelps

The Retirement Coach
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I appreciate the trust you place in me. Thank you!
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