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Your Relaxing Retirement Transition Begins Here…

The Intriguing Phenomenon We Discovered

Over the last 30 years of intense research and hands-on work with hundreds of individuals and couples, the intriguing and complex phenomenon we discovered is that the small percentage of Americans who exercised the most discipline and took pride saving and investing a large portion of their earnings during their working years is the same minority who has the hardest time “flipping the switch” and relying on and spending The Retirement Bucket of investments they’ve taken a lifetime to build.

“It just feels weird” is the phrase we hear the most!

If you’re like these disciplined accumulators, you likely lack the financial confidence to freely spend what you’ve saved when your income from work ends.

Unfortunately, all those years of discipline and saving, of building up money and investing it, are of no value to you now if you don’t have the financial confidence to spend and enjoy it.


For the Confidence to Liberate What You’ve Saved And Start Living the Life You’ve Earned

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  • Relaxing Retirement Mindset Scorecard
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