Relaxing Retirement “Members Only” Events

Being a Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program member goes so far beyond the typical “client-advisor” relationship.

Frequent Members Only Events provide an opportunity to gather at unique and memorable venues and benefit from the wisdom of expert guest speakers in a variety of fields.

Relaxing Retirement events provide something even more important: a place to socialize and have a lot of fun with all of our members who are all experiencing the same retirement stage in life. One of our best takeaways from every event is watching members, who have never met before, become friends. And, watching members, who worked together for years before retiring, have the opportunity to catch up in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

We are very aware that all of our members have options when it comes to helping them manage their financial affairs during the critical retirement phase of their lives. We always want them to know just how much we appreciate them choosing to work with us. Our events are one opportunity we take to say “thank you!

A Musical Evolution
at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel

Our Relaxing Retirement members gathered at Boston’s famous and historic Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel for an incredible night featuring Ken Arlen and The Evolution Orchestra from the windy city of Chicago!

After enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, we were greeted in the Grand Ballroom for dinner by the subtle sounds from a terrific quartet of their musicians.

Prior to dessert, we were then treated to a little warmup tease by the Siren’s Rock Violins. Two female artists, backed up by more members of the band, got everyone moving with an incredibly unique performance playing violin and dancing at the same time.

After enjoying one of Fairmont’s famous desserts, the night kicked into high gear when the famous 14-piece Evolution Orchestra took the stage and didn’t stop playing for almost two hours while our members danced the night away through hit song after hit song!

In addition to playing music spanning several decades, one of the many unique qualities of Evolution was four different and extremely talented singers (two women and two men). Each was outstanding and captivating in their own way!

A Relaxing Night with the Arts
at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

Our Relaxing Retirement members gathered at Boston’s famous Museum of Fine Arts for A Relaxing Night with the Arts featuring an incredible live performance by the Boston Circus Guild!

After enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the Upper Rotunda and Colonnade in The William I. Koch Gallery, we all descended upon The Shapiro Family Courtyard for dinner and the show.

The talented performers, dancers, and musicians of The Boston Circus Guild were outstanding and we received a ton of terrific comments about their performance.

I have to admit that I was holding my breath half the time out of fear!  I’m always blown away by the abilities of those who can get up in front of a crowd and perform like that.

After the show, several members took the opportunity to explore the Art of Americas wing of the museum on all four levels.   Many also chose to relax and enjoy dessert and cocktails in the beautiful setting of the Courtyard.

Our Relaxing Night at Fenway

During the Boston Red Sox final playoff push in the Fall of 2017, our Relaxing Retirement members gathered for A Relaxing Night at Fenway Park with special guest Dennis Eckersley.

After enjoying cocktails and “Fenway” hors oeuvres with Wally the Green Monster in the beautiful Dell EMC Club, we all headed up to The State Street Pavilion Club for dinner.

Hall of Fame Pitcher and Red Sox Broadcaster Dennis Eckersley then joined Jack on stage for an extensive conversation about his amazing career, his thoughts on major league baseball, and his experiences as a Red Sox broadcaster.

As everyone in attendance saw, Dennis is a pro and couldn’t have been more accommodating and forthcoming. He was exactly what we hoped he would be which is the same easygoing guy we enjoy on Red Sox broadcasts.

Thank you to all of our members who asked questions, especially Jim Gaffey who brought down the house with his question about Eck’s use of “Salad”, “Hair”, and “Cheese” on Red Sox broadcasts!

After we were finished, everyone had an opportunity to meet Eck, receive an autographed picture, and have their picture taken with him. That was a sight to see as he commanded quite a crowd!

The Relaxing Retirement Wine Pairing Show
at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel

Our Relaxing Retirement members gathered at the beautiful and historic Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston for The Relaxing Retirement Wine Pairing Show with Adam Centamore.

After enjoying cocktails, hors d’oeurves, and the tenderloin and pasta stations in the ballroom lobby, we all settled into the Grand Ballroom for the Wine Pairing Show.

After being introduced to Adam by Relaxing Retirement member, Jim Scannell, we took the opportunity to attend one of Adam’s wine and cheese pairing classes. Strategically pairing wine with various foods, especially cheese, is not something that we had given very much thought to before. However, after attending Adam’s class, we quickly became converts.

As we anticipated, Adam mesmerized our members as well. He was terrific! His energy, passion, knowledge and wit while weaving us all through five wine and cheese pairings was a huge hit.

Everyone in attendance received an autographed copy of Adam’s book: Tasting Wine & Cheese – An Insider’s Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing.

Our night ended with The Fairmont Copley’s famous “Death by Chocolate” dessert back in the Ballroom Lobby. Despite it being a huge hit, we actually witnessed a first at one of our events: too much dessert!

Relaxing Retirement Casino Night …The Sequel
at Gillette STADIUM

Our Relaxing Retirement members gathered for Casino Night…The Sequel down at Gillette STADIUM.

The weather really cooperated and the venue down at the new field-level Optum Lounge made for a really neat atmosphere. Cocktails out on the field turf patio with Pat the Patriot could have lasted two hours without any complaints. The sight of so many of our members taking pictures of the scenery and instantly sending them to their children and grandchildren was hilarious.

The Gillette staff was great. Our Casino Productions dealers were terrific in working with both experienced and novice players. And, Mike the DJ hit another home run setting the perfect tone, and even getting several members dancing again.

As I shared back at Casino Night 2014, and from knowing me so well, I’m not exactly a gambler.

And, as their Retirement Coach, I’m sure it could be frowned upon in some circles that we brought our members to a casino setting to gamble!

Not exactly a very good “Retirement Coach” strategy!

However, unlike most casinos, we had a ton of prizes to win, and none of our members went home with less than they came with because we provided everyone with $5,000 in “casino cash” to play blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and the slots.

In addition to that, 74 members won prizes after taking a spin on The Relaxing Retirement Wheel of Fortune.

When the tables were closed, all of the chips were tallied and our top five chip holders walked away with some terrific prizes!

The Relaxing Retirement Cooking Show
at Granite Links Golf Club

Our members gathered on a beautiful Fall evening down at Granite Links Golf Club for The Relaxing Retirement Cooking Show.

Celebrity National Chef for Sur La Table, Joel Gamoran was excellent! Joel demonstrated and prepared each course live on stage, and orchestrated the Granite Links staff as they simultaneously served our 200+ guests.

Quite a feat! Joel was the most prepared and most thorough entertainer we’ve ever worked with.

Twelve different members joined Chef Joel on stage to help him prepare each course and provided all of us with a ton of laughs.

At the conclusion of the show, Chef Joel conducted a Cooking Quiz where members at each table had the opportunity to win some carefully selected prizes from Sur La Table including 8” chef knives and specialty grill cooking pans!

A Relaxing Retirement Toast to Pat
at The Westin

After 14 years at the helm helping our members enjoy a relaxing retirement experience, our very own Pat Stuart joined the club and successfully transitioned over to retirement!

After years of watching all of our members make the transition and enjoy themselves so much, how could Pat not get the idea in her mind that there was another chapter in her life!

As sad as it was for all of us who enjoyed Pat so much over all these years, we were all so happy for her and Ken that they’ve reached this tremendous milestone. They deserve it!

To celebrate in style, our members gathered for Pat’s Relaxing Retirement Party at The Westin so everyone could have the opportunity to thank Pat for everything she’s done for all of us, and to wish her and Ken a happy, healthy, and relaxing retirement.

There are very few things we can sneak by Pat. However, we were able to have Pat’s family there without her knowing they were coming. That led to quite a scene when she saw them!

The White Heat Swing Orchestra, under the direction of Craig Ball, was excellent! Clearly, they haven’t missed a beat since the last event they played for us.

Many of our members spent a large portion of their evening on the dance floor. As we all witnessed, we have several really good dancers in our group. Very impressive!

Relaxing Retirement Members
Become “Younger Next Year”
With Best Selling Co-Author Chris Crowley

The older I get, and the longer I work with each of our Relaxing Retirement members, the more I’ve come to realize just how important your good health is. If you’re not vibrant and healthy, all the money and financial confidence in the world is of no value to you because you can’t enjoy it.

At our Spring 2013 Event, we were fortunate to have Chris Crowley join us. Chris is the NY Times bestselling co-author (with leading NY internist Henry S. Lodge M.D.) of Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year for Women…How to Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy Until You’re 80 and Beyond which have been called “The Boomers’ Bible” and “The Best Thing Ever Written” about fitness and wellness for the Baby Boom generation.

Now in his late 70s, Chris is Dr. Lodge’s star patient turned spokesperson for what he calls “The Revolution in Aging”. His message was so important for all of us. It’s one thing to read the book, which I strongly recommend. However, it’s quite another to be inspired, in person, by someone who’s walking his talk. And, that’s exactly what Chris did.

You couldn’t help but be energized by the possibilities that he laid out.

When Chris was finished, in addition to signing books for all of our members, we passed the microphone as many of our Relaxing Retirement members asked questions and shared comments and experiences about this incredibly important topic of becoming functionally younger every year!

A Relaxing Night at Sea
Odyssey Cruise
in Boston Harbor

Our Relaxing Retirement members joined us for “A Relaxing Night at Sea” Odyssey Cruise around Boston Harbor on a beautiful Fall evening.

The views from the two observation decks were better than promised, as the warm temperature and flat seas out in Boston Harbor made our cocktail hour very comfortable.

After a terrific dinner, everyone danced the night away to the sounds of one of the best bands and best singers we’ve heard in a long time.

This was quite a memorable evening for our members.