The Relaxing Retirement
Coaching Program

One of the biggest challenges in anyone’s life is to go from working, receiving a paycheck, and saving money your whole life…to no longer receiving that paycheck from the work you do.

And, to make matters even more challenging, you then have to begin spending the money you’ve taken your entire life to save in order to support your desired lifestyle!

If you are like our Relaxing Retirement members who developed the disciplined habit of saving and investing a large portion of your earnings during your working years, “flipping the switch” and now spending The Retirement Bucket of investmentsyou’ve taken a lifetime to build just doesn’t feel normal

In fact, it feels weird!

When you reach The Employment Dependency Threshold (the point in your life when you are evaluating the move over to Phase II of your financial life where you are no longer dependent on the income from work to support your lifestyle), the concept of no longer receiving income from the work you do to support your desired lifestyle is always foreign and unsettling, especially for the small percentage of Americans who formed the habit of saving a large portion of their earnings during their working years!

With guaranteed pensions now a thing of the past, even if you’ve done a great job building a sizable Retirement Bucket of investments, deep down, you’re just not 100% convinced that you have enough to live the life you want, especially in these volatile times we’re living through.

So, you end up working longer than you “need” to because you feel you have to.

Or, you stop working and retire, but without a reliable system to make your money last, you “pull your punches” and spend much more cautiously than you want to modeling your behavior after those living on a fixed income.

The end result is you’re missing out on a lot.  You’re just not enjoying life as much as you could and as much as you deserve to. 

To conquer this feeling and live your life the way you have always pictured requires a completely different mindset, and an abundance of financial confidence. And, that’s what The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Programwas created to help you develop and maintain.

You deserve to have your confidence immune to the “crisis of the day” splattered all over the news, and to the confusion of the financial services industry; to choose to work if you want to; to spend more quality time with your family without being “pre-occupied”; and to take vacations to places you never thought you could experience.

The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program provides the missing system, the strategies, tools, checklists, and mindsets to help you develop and maintain the supreme financial confidence you need to liberate what you’ve taken your entire life to save, so you can start living the life you’ve earned, and do everything you want to do without anxiety about money.

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